Monday, October 1, 2018

Waco Cultural Arts Fest - Oct 5-7

The Cultural Arts Fest in spring and fall in Waco were one of my favorite things to do with my kids in Waco.   And it's coming up again, this Oct 5-7.  

Enjoy pictures below from some of our favorite activites in years past.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Volunteer Opportunity: Visit a Nursing Home

The Quality Care nursing home in Waco is looking for the following:

1.  Kids to come trick or treat at the nursing home. 
2.  Students to come to for regular visits to their residents. 

If you're interested, contact Jerry Lamrock for more details...

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Miniature Airplane Jet Rally - Sept 6 - 8

So, the Heart of Texas Miniature Airplane Rally is going on Sept 6 - 8.   We've gone before and it's SO MUCH FUN.   My kids love seeing the airplanes fly.   Below are some pics from a smaller rally we went to (they have them regularly, but this is a bigger event with more planes and other activities.  I THINK this is free if you're just viewing, not flying (but I'd e-mail to double check.)   More info here (and an e-mail for asking questions).

You could go right up and see the planes (just remember, 
these are things people spend their own money and usually 
assemble by hand, so make sure to tell your kids to look,not touch).

 Some of the planes had tiny, detailed pilots.

We witnessed one crash while we were there. 

Anyways, lots of fun to be had.  

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Photo Flashback - 2014

I'm going back through some of my old photos and posting ones from this date on previous years.   These are pictures I took on Sept 2, 2014.

Shared on Sky Watch Friday

Friday, August 3, 2018

Inner Space Cave Unit

 I'm in no way affiliated with Inner Space Caverns.  
These pages may include Amazon affiliate links which can earn me commission.

4 years ago we took an amazing trip to Inner Space Caverns.   It was during my youngest son's first year of homeschooling, and it sparked a desire to learn more.

Using the One Small Square - Cave book that I found at our local library as a spine, we did an in depth unit on caves that, looking back, is one of the highlights of our homeschool experience.  

I've written up a 13-15 day Unit Study on Caves for others to use too (see links below).  It includes the activities that we did, along with others I've found that also look fun for various ages of kids.   This is a "choose your own activity" adventure.   You choose which activities are right for your children.   It is however designed with the idea that you will actually visit a cave (and has some activities aimed specifically at visiting Inner Space, since it's the nearest large cave to Waco).   If you're not visiting a cave, or are visiting a different cave, it shouldn't be too hard to tweak this to fit your needs.

While we did our unit AFTER visiting Inner Space Caverns, I re-designed this unit to come before a cave visit (since Cave book we used has lots of ideas that to actually do IN a cave. )  But,  of course, visiting a cave first would spark interest, and you can absolutely do it that way too (it's what we did, after all).  If you do a cave visit first I suggest skipping ahead to Day 13 - Inner Space Visit which has some suggested activities for the day before, during the visit, and after the visit.   Of course, if you can afford multiple cave trips, there are other nearby caves you can visit, and there is also the Natural Bridge Caverns in San Antonio (which I've heard are amazing) which you could visit before, after, or during the unit.    And there's even a "faux cave" in the Mayborn Museum that would make an easy side trip during your study.


One Small Square - Cave by Donald Silver is beautifully writing and illustrated ...its not your typical dry science material, but it's still rich with information.  Like all of his "One Small Square" books it takes you into an environment (this time a cave), and asks you to explore "one small square" of it in great depth.  The sections are short enough to hold the short attention span of my 7 year old, but deep enough to make a real science study using this book as the spine even for older kids.    There are fun experiments and activities in sidebars throughout.   You can find this book at West Waco Library or on Amazon or various other booksellers.


The reading schedule and discussion questions are also contained in a printable Discussion/Reading Guide PDF (which does not include the activities, videos, book suggestions, ect....just what pages to read daily from the Donald Silver Caves book, and the discussion questions with them).

(NOTE:  While usually blog posts here go from newest to oldest, since I posted this all at once I posted it in order).