Saturday, March 23, 2019

HEB Faves

I love HEB!  Yep, they give my kids balloons, they have two seater shopping carts, helpful employees (at least at my HEB), and great fresh produce.  I also happen to love many of their store brand products...some even more than name brand!  Here are my top ten favorite HEB/Hill Country Fair Store Brand Foods:
HEB Fruit Spread (Jam)
Their fruit spreads are delicious, have less sugar than most jams (and only one gram more than Smuckers Low Sugar jam), and even come in a cute jar!

HEB Creamy Tomato Herb Soup
Tastes just like La Madeline Tomato soup, only cheaper!

HEB Bake Shop Bran and Wheat Bread
Where else can you get healthy bran bread?  I've never seen it
anywhere else in a grocery store!

HEB Granola Bars
I personally think both HEB and Walmart store brand granola 
bars taste better then Quaker.  They're moister...Quaker's are more dry.

HEB Fruit/Veggie Drinks
That's not the actual name for it, but they're the type of drink like V8 splash
I think they taste just as good too.

HEB Oatmeal
Just as good as Quaker, and cheaper.

HEB Nacho Cheeze Chips (Dorito Style)
Not sure if that's the name for them, but they are the ones that are like
the original Doritos.  I can't tell the difference!

These sandwhich rolls are made daily and you can get them for 4 for a dollar in the fresh baked bread section.  LOVE IT!

Hill Country Fair Strogonof 
Hill Country Fair may not technically be a store brand, but since it's store brand price and I've only ever seen it at HEB, I'm counting this.  We love Strogonof but have someone in our family with egg allergies.  Hamburger Helper has eggs.  The Hill Country Fair version doesn't...and tastes close enough for us..

HEB Creamy Creations Ice Cream
Oh, this stuff is good.  Super creamy, and no eggs (an essential if you have egg allergies). 

I'd love to here what your favorite store brand products are!