Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do Fishes Get Cold In the Snow?

My youngest and I went to visit the fishes at Barrera's this morning, while we were out romping  through the snow.  My son wanted to know if fishes get cold.  I'm sure they do...they were all huddled up on the bottom in one corner of the pond...and didn't come up to the top to greet us like they usually do.

It's times like these I'm really glad I homeschool...well, at least one of my children.  My other two were in school when the snow hit.  After taking a walk out in the white stuff with my youngest, I hemmed and hawed about whether to go get them out of school.  I finally looked at the weather and it said it would get warmer later so I got my youngest re-bundled and got in the car.  It was still snowing when we left, but half way to their school it started to rain.  Alas, no point in them missing a day to play in slush, so we turned around.

But, they tell me they at least got to get out in it for a few minutes.  At the intermediate school the whole school got to go outside for 10 minutes first period.  The elementary school stayed in side for recess (Ptttth!), but during library time the kids were taking pictures through the window, and the librarian had pity on them and let them go outside for a few minutes...though they didn't get to play in it, my son tells me.  

I really wished I had come and got them as soon as the snow started.  

So, what did you do in the snow?  Did you get a chance to enjoy it?  

Friday, February 20, 2015

I liked it YESTERDAY, but now I HATE it.

Fickle Totally Dinner Plates
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I think one of the most frustrating things about homeschooling, and parenting in general, is how fickle kids can be!.   It's not that I expect them to always like things, to never get bored of anything or change their mind.  But it's those moments where 5 minutes ago,  my child LOVED THIS, and now they HATE IT WITH THE UTMOST PASSION, that blow my mind.
Just some recent examples with my 6 year old....
Last week I was working on a color by number worksheet with the colors from Math U See blocks.   My son came over while I was working on it and asked what I was doing.  I told him and he get got all excited..."Can I do that? I love color by number!"  (Inside I'm doing cartwheels!  Yeah!  He likes it!  He'll DO IT!  Woo hoo!)  But I know I'm not going to be done before his bedtime so I tell him we'll do it tomorrow.  
Tomorrow comes, and he'll have nothing to do with it.  NOT INTERESTED.  
Similar thing happened today.    I am sitting trying to figure out how to put together a printable easy reader book about Zig the Pig so all the pages are in order.   I've decided to try it in spite of the fact that he usually objects to new books (anything not a Bob Book is "scary.").  He comes up, looks at what I'm doing,  and says "Can I read this Zig book for reading today?"   I am ECSTATIC...both that he wants to read the book, AND that he said Zig (he's never seen these so the only way he knew that was to read it!  Go kiddo!).   Of course I say, SURE!
But as we're putting it together he decides that it looks longer than his regular readers so he only wants to read the first page.  I'm not having that...GRUMPS ensue.    So, I try to show him that it's not any longer than his regular books by counting the pages on a Bob Book and counting this one.  Turns out Zig is ONE PAGE I tell him I'll read the last page for him, so it's not longer.  
"NO, I want to read THIS." he says, pointing to the Bob Book that we've read over and over before. " I don't want to read this book," pointing to the Zig book I've almost got finished for him.

It's like there's these moments of opportunity and I am rarely ever quick enough to catch them.  And it's one thing trying to get him to do something I know will be a challenge, but when I think he'll love it then he hates it, or he shows interest in something but the interest wanes before I can pull it together, I feel like screaming and pulling out my hair.
Every feel like that?

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

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