Saturday, October 22, 2011

Halloween Shopping Deals in Waco

Here's some Halloween deals I spotted around town!

Glow Bracelets
Get a tube of 15 glow braces for $1 in Target's Dollar Section!  That even beats Walmart (where $1 only gets you 6 bracelets).  You can attach these together to make necklaces, too.  That's cheap enough to hand out in stead of candy, if you wanted a cool non-sugary alternative!

Target's Dollar section also has some plastic fireman and yellow construction hats  (looked small...for toddler, maybe up to Kindergarten).  For Fedoras, try the Thrift Store on Hewitt Drive (between Ace Hardware and Sonic).  They had about 4 or 5 nice 1920s gangster hats in pinstripes and brown (cloth, not plastic).  They had a LOT of other good stuff too!

Foam Swords and Sheilds
Target's Dollar section also had foam swords and sheilds.  The sheilds are pretty cool in my oppinion, though small (wouldn't go well for children over 6 yrs old, probably).  The swords looked like they might not last the night...but if you're only using them for halloween (and not as a toy afterwards) they're a cheap alternative.

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