Sunday, April 15, 2012

Collecting Items for Our Church VBS

This year our church will be doing a Galilee themed VBS, and we are collecting first century items.  If you can help provide any of these please contact me at ecarian @

*Starred items can be loaned.  Though blankets, tablecloths, sheets and pillows will be used in a way which may get them dirty or stained, so I hesitated to mark those as loans.

Buckets or tubs*
Any type of net in white, brown, or black (fishing, sports, decorative, etc.)
Ocean sounds cassette or CD*
Possibly other nautical items*

Pillowcases (any type or pattern)
Sheets or blankets (un-patterned)*

Tablecloths (un-patterned)*
Anything woven:  Woven mexican blankets, woven rugs,  placemats, coasters, reed mats, etc.*
Throw pillows
Fabric scraps
Leather scraps
Burlap Scraps

Plastic Plants*
Live plants*

Onion Peels
Walnut shells

Anything else that would look awesome in 1st Century Galilee!

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