Monday, March 19, 2012

Day at Farm and Market

Had a fun weekend. Got to do two things I'd been wanting to do for a long time...visit the Waco Farmers Market* and the World Hunger Relief Farm.

Bought some eggs from pastured hens and grass-fed beef at the farmer's market. Both were about double what I would pay at the super-market for the non-organic factory raised versions of the same...which is a hard truth, because it means that trying to buy this regularly would add a lot to our food cost.  But if the eggs, which I haven't tried yet, are as different from the eggs at the supermarket as my friend says on her blog, I'll still be buying those.  Plust they sometimes come in different fun colors, like green (which unfortunately they were sold out of by the time I got there), and though that doesn't make a difference nutritionally, that's just fun!

Did find some great bargains on live plants though! Got several varieties of peppers, some oregano, lime mint, and a purple tomato plant for my garden. Prices were $1-2, which is better than what I'd pay for similar sized plants at Walmart (though my local nursery sometimes goes that low).   And Walmart doesn't have the variety I found there.   There were at least 4 different vendors selling live plants and they had a lot of really unique veggies to choose from!

Afterwards we visited the  World Hunger Relief Farm, a Christian organization that works toward alleviation of hunger both here in Waco and around the world, and also sells organic milk, eggs, meat and other products. I had already bought what I wanted from them at the market, so just went out to see where they were and let my kids see some farm animals. They especially liked the goats there (pictured above). They were very friendly goats, and came over to eat grass from us even though it was the same stuff abundantly available in the field behind us.

*I visited the Farmer's Market in downtown Waco, but there's also a farmer's market at the Heart of Texas Fairgrounds that will be open May - September.

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