Monday, October 29, 2012

Are You Voting?

I encourage everyone to vote, not just for the president, but for local and state candidates too.  But please don't vote blindly - research your vote!

Of course we all know who's running for president by now (except maybe some of the third party candidates).    If you don't know who's running locally you can find your candidates easily using the form listed on   The only problem I found with it was that it couldn't determine your school district, so it listed ALL the districts.  Your school district is listed on your voter registration card or you can find it at Who Represents Me

General Texas Election Info:
Texas Elections Page

A few places to to do research on the candidates:

WacoTrib Election Page

Dallas Morning News Election Guide
(Good for Waco too, because you submit your address to find your candidates). 

Project Vote Smart

On the Issues

Free Voters Guide

Fact Check Sites:
These sites help you fact-check candidates statements.  I suggest reading the full articles if you have time since this gives you a really good understanding of the issues.  While these tend to focus on presidential and congressional candidates, you can occassionally find articles on local candidates.

Politifact Texas

Politifact Main Site


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