Saturday, February 9, 2013

Camera Critters: Red Caterpillar

I love backyard bug hunting with my kids.  So many fascinating creatures to find, like this red caterpillar we found early this last December.  I'd never seen a caterpillar like this.  Would love to know what he turns into, if anyone knows.  He looked like he was about to make a cocoon, but we had a freeze that night and the next day I couldn't find him.

Camera Critters


  1. Wonderful Macro shot...pretty little guy!
    Happy weekend! :-)

  2. Great shot. He is quite colorful, it would have been interesting to track his metamorphosis.

  3. haha, lovely color. I have this one too before but i thought the color was because of the color of the leaves. It might as well be mimicking your wall, i wonder if they mimic at this early stage of development. It is a sphinx moth synonymous with hawksmot caterpillar. We also have the green and the orangy-brown!

    1. Thanks so much Kalantikan! Cool to know what they are. Maybe it is mimicing our brick wall!