Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Upcoming Midway Bond Election

The Midway ISD Board of Trustees unanimously called a bond election for $34,493,201 that will be held on May 11, 2013.  You must be registered to vote by April 11th, and early voting is April 29-May 7th.

So, what will all that money buy?  You can find an item by item list on the Midway ISD Bond Website, but below is a summary...

Technology Upgrades & Infrastructure -   $10,383, 789  
Fine Arts and Extracurricular Activities -     $16,600,605
Maintenance -                                                    $4,494,807
Transportation -                                                 $3,013,000

As a parent, a few items that really jumped out for me in the Technology section  were "security cameras"  and "mobile technology devices for every student."  

If you're wondering how this will affect your taxes,  the following bullet points are verbatim what I received in an e-mail from Midway ISD about the upcoming bond...  
  • How will the proposed bond election affect my taxes? Midway ISD’s current I&S tax rate is $0.28. If the election is successful, the tax rate will not change.
  • How is it possible to issue $34.5 million in bonds without a tax rate increase? Increasing property values due to housing growth and industrial business development have increased the amount of revenue the district collects. These increased revenues will allow new debt to be issued without raising the tax rate.
  • Could taxes decrease without this bond? The average homeowner in MISD ($160,000) could see a tax decrease of $4 per month without issuing this bond program, if the Board of Trustees votes to lower the current tax rate in the future. The Board may choose to maintain the $0.28 tax rate to pay down current debt.

More Info:
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Hope you all vote.  Local elections like these are so important!

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