Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Printables for Kids

You can download the following printable paper dolls, coloring books, and activity pages are available for just a little while.

Paper Dolls:

Red Riding Hood Paper Dolls

Mermaid Paper Doll

Literary Paper Dolls (H.G. Wells and Mark Twain)

Hollywood Stars (1930's, 40's and 50's)

Coloring Pages:

Graphic Design Coloring Pages

Art Nouveau Coloring Pages

Sign Language

Hearts and Roses

Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales

Garden Fashion

Various Intricate Designs


Intricate Animal Designs

Fairy Tales

Alphabet Animal Coloring Pages (Letters D, L, V, and Z)



More Eco-Games

Brain Teasers


Oragami Plane and Box

Pin Ball Mazes

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