Friday, January 24, 2014


I wake up this morning and before I even look out my window I check the Midway app on my phone.  Nothing.  So I open safari on my phone and check the website.  Nothing new...don't even see the message they had last night about where they would be posting notices of closures.  "Dang,"  I think, "I was really hoping to sleep in."  Had some trouble sleeping the last couple days and it sure would be nice, but I drag myself out of bed.  And then I see this outside my window...

Snow!  Wow, I guess it's just not enough for a snow day.  I check the computer one more time...and there it is.  Not sure why it didn't show up on my phone, but they're postponing 2 hours.  "YES!" I think, preparing to slip back into bed, when I hear a little, kinda grumpy voice behind me.  

Oh well...I could tell him to go back to bed, but I know he'll want to see this.  We have some breakfast and he's dressed in record time...and out in the white stuff.

This is all before his brothers wake up.  They do and I'm getting breakfast for everyone and giving them instructions on where they can play and who should watch who and how they should bundle up...cause I have every plan of going back to sleep.  And I do, for a glorious 'nother hour before I wake up and hussle everyone into the car.  There's an air of holiday, even though they only got an extra two hours this morning.

And I look up, and the clouds are dramatically split in half white, the other half dark, with blue skies left of all.  The picture below doesn't begin to capture it, because it was fading by the time I got back and could take a picture.  

What a morning!  Love when it snows here, even it's just a dusting.  

Masons Mama


  1. Great clouds, looks really dramatic.

  2. Skies are truly amazing as your photos show. Lovely shots.

  3. Such a treat when it happens infrequently!

  4. wow the weather gave you an interesting view of the sky in addition to the snow fall

  5. What a find for a cloud post!
    JM Illinois

  6. So pretty! I used to love the snow when I lived in the DFW, because it meant school was closed, even if it was an inch. Now that I live in the Panhandle we have been getting 3-6 inches EVERY time it snows and regardless, because I am a Nurse I have to go to work. It often means staying over night at work in a empty room or a two hour drive to work. I miss the "snow" down in the DFW area. Thank you so much for linking up for Texas Tuesday with Crystal and I. I hope you link up again this coming week!

    1. Yeah, snow is great until it causes havok. I used to live in the California mountains. I loved the snow, but come February we were getting sick of it. And I hated when it meant we had to miss stuff. When we went back to visit my dad there in Winter, my husband, a snow newbie, got frustrated when I shot down his plans to take a quick trip down the mountain one snowy night to go out to eat (Dude...there's ice. Conditions are bad. I'm not risking our lives for dinner. We can go tomorrow when the sun's out.) He wasn't used to having to alter plans for the weather.

  7. Nice! We didn't get any of that here where I live (30 minutes South of Dallas). Thanks for linking up with us!