Monday, June 30, 2014

Wildflower Watch - June

The beautiful chaos of Texas wildflowers in June....

It's a different sort of beauty than the seas of bluebonnets and primrose of early Texas spring.  Those lovely pink and blue shades seemed made for each other...and the occasional red or orange bluebonnet, wine-cup, or other odd flower  seems only a splash of color to highlight the rest, like a red pendant on a blue dress.

June is different.  Colors explode, they clash.  Flowers in red, orange, yellow, purple, and pink spread across the green foliage like a crazy multicolored sprinkles on green sherbet.

In the above pictures:  The red+yellow flowers are Indian Paintbrush.  The rocket shaped purple/lavender ones are Horsemint, and the wispy lavender ones in the last picture are Texas Vervain.  In the background on the last picture are thistles.  The green foliage in the right half of the first picture is wild Goldenrod, which I enjoy more at this stage then later when it is full of yellow flowers, but also tall and gangly.  There may be some other flowers mixed in as well...but those are the ones I could spot

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