Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Around Waco

I meant to share these pictures BEFORE Christmas but it just didn't happen (also, would have loved to get better ones, but here there are, such as they are.)  I had never seen either of these they do this every year, or did I just miss this previous years?

I love the "Santa on Armadillos" at Pappa Rollo's Pizza.  

And this toy soldier painted on...well, whatever that thing was near
where HWY 6 and HWY 84 meet...was just so charming, in spite of the bleak surroundings.  I've always thought that thing looked sort of like a man.

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  1. Oh can I just say Poppa Rolla's Pizza is my favorite pizza in the world! Seriously.

    1. Isn't that place a trip? The first time I went in they were full up, and once we got a table they took us back in this hallways and through a HIDDEN door that was made to just look like wall and I was like "no way!." It's not my favorite Pizza (that goes to the Homestead Heritage and their brick oven pizza), but I gotta love that place!