Friday, August 21, 2015

School Supplies: Finding the Elusive Yellow Folder....

Why does it seem like the YELLOW folders always seem to run out (the plastic ones with brads on the school supply list)?  Every year I do this, it's always the yellow ones.  This year I started extra late.  Had the red and blue from last year but could not find the yellow and orange (GRRR).  Went to Walmart and all they have left are PINK folders.  And so the hunt began.

Here's the status on the other places I've visited:

  • Office Depot:  Has all colors!  Woo Hoo! (Only $1 each)
  • Walmart on Hewitt Dr (as of last night):   Has pink and purple folders only
  • Staples:  No plastic folders with brads at all, that I can tell.
  • Target:  Has some lime green ones with birds that could pass for yellow, and I think had some other colors, but I forgot which type.  No orange.
  • HEB (on Bosque):  Had blue and green but no orange and yellow.  Not much of the blue and green.
Target has striped composition books (college ruled) for $1 with coupons inside that are worth more than $1!

Found any great deals?  Have an update on the colored folder fiasco?
Please share in a a comment below!

Yeah, that folder above links to amazon.  I really just wanted a picture of a yellow folder to use for this, and was too lazy to take a pic myself...but, full disclosure, it is an affiliate link which I could earn commission from.

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