Saturday, January 7, 2012

After Christmas Sales! Still Going!

Did you get over to any of the after Christmas sales?    I always shop for decorations for next year right after Christmas.   But you can also get stuff NOT for Christmas at these Christmas sales.  So of the "Christmas" stuff on sale is generic enough that it can be used for other things.
  • Red items for Valentines
  • Green items for St. Patricks Day
  • Bows and ribbon for birthday presents
  • Other party favors for birthdays
  • Gift bags and boxes to use for birthdays or storage
Here's the best deals I found so far!

  • Bags of bows for $0.20 (for the whole bag!)
  • Rolls of plain green cello wrap for $0.10 (think St. Patricks Day!)
  • Lots of cutesy candy dishes...didn't catch how much cause I had already bought one before Christmas.

Most Christmas items 75% Off!
  • LOTS of Christmas Cards Left
  • LOTS of Wrapping Paper
  • Star Wars Themed Candy that could be used for parties or Valentines.
  • Thanksgiving stuff too
  • Lots of toys on sale.  I saw Lego Ninjago skeleton sets with cards and spinner on sale for $4.50 (usually $9).

    I visited Jan 1st, so these may not be there any more...but most of their Christmas stuff was 75% off!
    • Tons of ornaments for as low as 4 for a quarter!
    • Window stickers for $0.50
    • Nice shirt boxes for under $3
      Here's one of the shirt boxes I found on sale.  It's generic enough that you could use it for birthdays or Valentines.  I'm going to store my kids art in it, since its large enough for construction paper.


      1. I'm pretty much kicking myself as I was at Target yesterday and didn't take the time to see what was left in the way of Christmas stuff. Once home I read someone's post saying stuff was 70% off now.
        We did a lot of shopping on the 26th and 27th. It's so rare that we even have any extra money to spend on the after holiday bargains so I had a blast shopping.

      2. Walmart on Hewitt Drive still have a lot on sale for 75% off too!