Monday, January 9, 2012

Mom, This is the Most Awesome Thing Ever!

Several years ago we got a front loading, energy efficient washer.  I highly reccomend them!  In addition to paying for itself in less than 3 years, it was a constant fascination to our then 1 year old.  He was mesmerized...sometimes stayed to watch the whole cycle.

Need something to occupy your baby while you get dinner fixed?  Forget popping in a video...just throw in a load and plunk them in front of the washer.

OK, it's not exactly wordless, and it wasn't posted on Wednessday, but I'm linking up anyways at the Wordless Wednessday Linkies at Domesticated Mama, 5 Minutes for Mom, and I Project Alicia.


  1. THAT is so awesome! It's not only a memorable picture, but a cool time filler. What a gem!

  2. Is Conroe close enough to Waco? ;)