Saturday, October 26, 2013

Candy Alternatives

Every year my kids come home with a TON of candy for Halloween, and a cold shortly afterwards.  Of course, sugar is all sorts of bad for you, and though I love the fun of Trick-or-treating, I'm not so keen on the volume of sugar consumption that follows (even when I limit it).  But there are some kids who can't even have sugar (for various reasons), so I like to have offer some non-candy treats in my bowl.

So, if you're still shopping to fill your Halloween bowls, here are a few non-candy alternatives, and some places you can find them locally.

Glow Bracelets and Other Glow Items
I give out glow bracelets every year, and trick-or-treaters LOVE them.  Plus they make my bowl look super snazzy.  I like to wedge them, unbent, in my candy bowl so it looks like a glowing light display (make sure to stick the attachment so they can make them into bracelets on first).  You can get 15 glow bracelets for $1 in round tubes at Target or Micheals (at Wally's Party Factory you will pay $5 for them so don't get them there).  Target also has a ton of other glow stuff (from fingernails to tops) but those are a little more expensive.

Party Horns
Both the noisemakers and the quieter one like pictured below are fun, cheap, and also look super cools sticking out of a candy bowl.  I offered these first because I had some left over from a birthday party, and didn't know if anyone would take them, but a lot of the kids really loved them.  The cheapest I've seen these is at Walmart, though you can get them at nearly any grocery store or party store.

Temporary Tattoos
Targets $1 section has temporary tattoos  $3 for 20.  Somewhat popular but not as cheap as some other items.

Silly Bands
I had these one Halloween, and they were somewhat well liked.  Not sure where's the best place to get them this year.

Vampire Teeth
Target has glowing vampire teeth, 8 for $1.

I've tried these, but I've got to say they weren't as popular with kids.  If you want them you can find them really cheap in the Target $1 section.

Other Plastic Flotsam
There are all sort of other plastic flotsam, erasers, and other stuff to be found at Targets $1 section, Dollar General, Walmart, HEB, Wally's Party Factory and other party stores.

So, have you tried non-candy treats in your halloween bowl?  What did you try and how well did it go over with trick-or-treaters?

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