Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Peg Doll Travels The World to Help Trafficking Victims

Recently, I had a visitor.  A very tiny one.  I took her around to see the sights.

Meet Peg.  She's about 2" high, loves the color blue,  and is travelling the world to spread awareness about the injustice of sex trafficking, a form of modern slavery, and raise money for Transitions Global to help trafficked girls find healing and restoration.

Well, I couldn't let her leave Waco without seeing the Waco Suspension Bridge.

Can you spot her in this picture?

OK, how about now?

After that, we took a trip to Baylor and took in an exhibit on 19th Century Women Authors still going on  at the Armstrong Browning Library.   More on that in a post soon to come!

For now, I leave you with this...there estimated to be as many as 27 million slaves, people make to work or prostitute themselves through force, fraud, or coercion.  We can help change this.  Learn some ways you can help here.   Also, I'd like to invite you to consider participating in Hearts Should Be Free, an online event to help spread awareness of slavery. 

Click here to find out how to get a visit from Peg, and learn how she's helping to raise funds for Transitions Global.   

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  1. Such an important project - too often we think of slavery as in the past!

  2. What a great cause! As I Baylor grad, I LOVE the pictures! Sic 'em:))))