Saturday, March 21, 2015

5 Alternative Easter Egg Ideas

Here are some egg shaped items to fill an Easter basket, or add some spice to an Easter Egg Hunt.

Hatch an Egg

I saw some of these (or similar) egg hatching kits at the Mayborn Museum Giftshop recently. You can also find lots of types of these on Amazon which will "hatch" into all sorts of animals.  If you have several baskets to fill with these, you can try some of the egg sets I found on Amazon below....

Dinosaur Fossil Eggs

We've done dinosaur bone excavation kits before and they are great!  I've been amazed to see my child who doesn't like to play alone for 5 minutes spend HOURS working to unearth a dinosaur bone from a kit similar to this one.  I've seen the kit above in local stores (either HEB or Walmart...can't remember), and they were much cheaper than you can get them on Amazon.  But if you're buying eggs for a bunch, these I found a 6 pack set of dinosaur eggs for under $10 which might be a better deal.

 Egg Shaped Chalk

Walmart has these locally, and though I can't remember the price, it's a lot cheaper than the ones on Amazon (pictured above) which were ridiculously expensive (they're under $5 at Walmart...maybe as low as $2, can't remember).

Egg Shaped Soap

The colorful soap eggs above is made by an Etsy crafter right here in Waco!  (She doesn't allow pick-ups, but at least you know that it will ship quick since it doesn't have far to travel). 

Egg Shaped Bath Fizzies

Good Eggs by Roxy Grace- All natural bath fizzies Easter Egg Shaped Bath Bombs with Foam Sponges Inside4 Mini Bunny, Duck and Egg Bath Bomb Sets - Essential Oils Options
Two Speckled Easter Egg Bath Bomb (Jasmine Scent)Alien Egg Bath Bomb - Alien Hatches as Bath Bomb MeltsEaster Egg Bath Bombs (Variety of colors and scents available)

I haven't seen egg shaped bath fizzies locally this year, but there are some cute ones on Etsy.   My kids love watching them bubble and fizz.

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  1. All of these are cute alternatives or add ins with the candy!