Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Magic School Bus at the Mayborn

The Magic School Bus Special Exhibit has been at the Mayborn for a few months now, and is only around for a few weeks more (til April 12).   It's all about weather!

There's the bus!  (One of them).

What you see up there are clouds that you could shoot with air
cannons to make them move.

There was a lot of great things to learn from, but unfortunately, a lot of what's there to learn requires reading the little signs next to the exhibits to really get it.  And would my child stay long enough for me to read ANY of them to him?  Nope.  Oh well.

The snowflakes needed no description though.  They used mirrors to
turn one section into a beautiful snowflake.  You could change up the
way the pieces looked.  (I enjoyed this one too!)

My cool weather man, dressed for sun AND snow.

It was a fun exhibit..  If your kids like Magic School Bus they will probably enjoy this.

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