Monday, April 6, 2015

Tips for Saving at HEB (and a recipe)

ALL the main ingredients to my favorite fruit salad were on sale today at HEB (the one on Hewitt Dr)...

Strawberries:  $0.99 a lb or $1.98 for two lbs.
Kiwi:  3 for $1
Pineapple:  Small ones 2 for $1!!!  (Large ones were $1.50)

I weighed the pineapple and the small ones were still a better price, though, really, once you remove core and fronds it might be about equal.  (That wasn't the only thing I found where bigger wasn't better/cheaper at HEB today...more about that in a bit, but first, the recipe).

My Favorite Fruit Salad

2 small pineapple or one large one.
1 lb (more or less) of strawberries, minus a few to munch on.
1 - 3 Kiwis
(Optional) 1 Banana
(Optional) 1 Orange

Start with the strawberries so they have time to create a syrup.  Slice strawberries into pieces (whatever size you like).  Stir roughly with a spoon to start the syruping process.  Chop pineapple into slices or squares.  Remove peel from kiwi and slice (I find the best way to peel a kiwi  is to chop off both rounded ends so you can slice the skin off straight down the sides of the kiwi).  Add kiwi and pineapple.  (You can slice up oranges and bannas too to add.  If I include bananas I always add them last so they don't get too mushy).

Savings Tip:  Bulk Isn't Always Better

I mentioned another deal where bulk wasn't better:  today a 3 lb bag of Gala apples was $2.98.  If you buy two that's $6 lb of apples for under $6 while the larger 5 lb bag of Gala apples was $6.47.  Yep, bulk is not always best.

After Easter Sales (Great for Birthday Party Favors Too)!

Also, today is a great day to pick up some after Easter deals (wherever you shop:  Walmart, HEB, Target, etc.)  At HEB all their easter items were 50% off.   You can stock up on things like plastic easter eggs and Easter basket fillers for next year, and,  if you have any kids birthday's coming up, this is a good place to find party favors.  Some of the toys, as well as the specialty shaped "eggs" (like the Doc McStuffins Flower Shaped "Eggs", Iron Man "Eggs", and Basketball "Eggs" pictured above), could absolutely work for other events.  Stuff those "eggs" with candy and stickers and you have yourself a great birthday party favor!


  1. Oh! I love the idea of using after the holiday marked down items for birthday favors! I generally only look for half price candy to treat myself.
    Kicking myself now though as I'm out of money and didn't even think to use some of the Easter candy coupons since my store accepts coupons up to 2 weeks past the expiration date!

    1. Coupons on after Easter candy...nice. Yeah, we're budgeting husband is between jobs right now. I just signed up to substitute teach, so hopefully I'll get some calls soon (or he'll find something soon).