Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Egg Fillers at the Mayborn Museum Giftstore.

I always have trouble finding things for boys that fill fit in Easter eggs for our Easter egg hunts (other than candy...which I prefer to not go overboard on, since there's already some in their baskets).  I was excited to find some great fillers at the museum the other day...


These little bags, if I remember right, cost $2 or less (or there's a larger bag for $3).  Putting one of these pretty rocks or crystals in each egg I can fill 13 eggs with this!

Mini Subs
I didn't get these, but really considered it.  They had a package of three baking soda propelled submarines for $5 (so, less than $2 per sub...perfect if you have three kids, like me).

Tiny Animals
They had a number of little plastic animals, dinosaurs, and bugs for 50 cents each.  There were larger (but still egg size) ones in their clear bins next to the wind-up toys...but I went for the super tiny ones by the register.

The museum giftshop has lots of other stuff that would be sweet in an Easter basket (even if it wouldn't fit in an egg), like the "hatchable" eggs I mentioned in a previous post.

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