Friday, August 3, 2018

Cave Unit: BONUS DAY (Karst)

This is part one of a Caves Unit Study intended to be done before (or after) visiting Inner Space Caverns or another cave.  

The Cave book we've been working with doesn't talk about Karst (a landscape formed by the dissolution of soluble rocks), but the Junior Cavers Workbook does.  So, for this optional section, read page 19-21


1. INTERNET SEARCH:   Google Waco Sinkhole (or for more dramatic pictures, look up Austin Sinkhole) to find recent news about sinkholes in our area.  Sinkholes are not always caused by karst though.  For instance, the dramatic 2006 sinkhole that closed University Parks for nearly two years was caused by a collapsed drainage was man-made.  (Aerial picture here. Article Here2nd Article here.)

2. Sinkholes Activity

3.  EXTRA READING:  Read more about the Texas Karst, Caves and Cavers.

4.  FIELD TRIP:  Visit Barton Springs in Austin, which is a karst spring like described in the Junior Cavers Workbook.  (You won't be able to get down into the least I don't think you can without scuba gear and permission,  but you can feel how cold the water coming from the Karst is, even in hot Texas summer).

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