Friday, August 3, 2018

Cave Unit: Day 5

This is part one of a Caves Unit Study intended to be done before (or after) visiting Inner Space Caverns or another cave.  

Day 5:  Section 7
The Rock Makers:  Pg 18 - 21

1.  Read Section 7, pg 18 - 21. (Read sidebar after you've read and discussed the rest of the section)

Discussion Questions:
  • Check on the stalactite experiment you started on Day 1, and talk about the progress made and how long it takes to form a stalactite.  (Explain that you're using materials that form FASTER than what forms in a cave usually).


1. Do the sidebar activity on page 19 of the .

2. Do page 7 of the Junior Cavers Workbook  

3.  You can search the internet to find pictures of any of the types of cave formations listed below  (some are mentioned in this chapter, and others on page 31).   You could make a cave formation book either by drawing and labeling the different formations or by printing pictures from the interenet to use.

soda straws
dogtooth spar
cave coral
cave bubbles
cave bacon
cave pearls
gypsum crystals
cave butterflies

4.  Draw your own cave.  Decide what rock formations to put in it. Use page 31 for help.  You can also use this cave book template.

5. The "Pre-Visit Activity #2:  Solubility" on the 5th Grade Teacher's Guide at Inner Space Caverns has some great activities you can do to learn about solubility and rock formations. (The experiment I suggested starting on day one is one of them, but they have others).   These are of course designed for kids around age 10, but somewhat younger and older kids might also enjoy these lessons.

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