Friday, August 3, 2018

Cave Unit: Day 7

This is part one of a Caves Unit Study intended to be done before (or after) visiting Inner Space Caverns or another cave.  

Day 7:  Section 9
What's For Dinner: Pg 24 - 27

1.  Read Section 9, skipping over sidebar until later.

Discussion Question:
  • What are some differences between animals in a cave and outside a cave?  What are things animals don't need living in pitch black dark.  What special features do some animals in caves have to help them survive.

1.  Inner Space Caverns has a pre-visit lesson and game that, while intended for a whole class, could also be done as a family.  It's suggested for 5th graders but, I could see younger students being able to do this also, with some modifications/help.  Look for the link to "Pre-Visit Acivity #3:  The Carbon Cycle" at 5th Grade Teacher's Guide at Inner Space Caverns.  It gets into the food cycle too, as covered in this section of the book.

2.  Junior Cavers Notebook pg 9 and 10. 

3.  Think of an animal that usually lives OUTSIDE a cave.  What might this animal look like if it were adapted to live INSIDE the dark zone of a cave.  Draw the animal you imagined.

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