Friday, August 3, 2018

Caves Unit: Day 3

This is part one of a Caves Unit Study intended to be done before (or after) visiting Inner Space Caverns or another cave.  

Day 3: Section 5
Winter Guests:  Pg 12 -13

Read Section 5, pg 12 -13

Discussion Question:

  • Why don't we disturb animals in a cave in winter?
  • Why do animals hibernate? (Might save for after watching videos below).


You can watch these for some extra info about hibernation.

Hibernation  (3.03)

Talk about how animals like bears eat a lot in the fall to store up body fat for the winter.  Do the Winter Animals Experiment to show how fat insulates animals (this is used to show how fat helps insulate artic animals, but this works for other animals too to a lesser extent, so can be used here too).

3.  CRAFT:
Make a paper bag bear cave.

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